Are you standing on the sidelines with your savings and retirement shrinking along with the stock market, mutual funds?  Nervous about the short and long term volatility of intangible investments?  If you have had any experiences like I have, I haven't a clue why I put money into many of these venues, and worse, I've lost money over the years...not made it, with one exception.  I've ALWAYS made money in real estate investments. 

I made profit by carefully mapping out a simple plan, then following the plan.  No get rich quick schemes here, just simple, basic principles that anyone can follow.  Look around you, is real estate looking cheap?  You betcha!  Will it get cheaper?  Maybe.  Is it a good investment now?  Depends on where, and what your objectives are but for most people, this may be the opportunity of a lifetime to make a wise move and invest in your future.